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Rolling Bus Route Cancelations

September 7, 2021 Dear KPS families,

As you may be aware, there is a nationwide shortage of bus drivers. Kalamazoo Public Schools was able to manage transportation during the first week of school by utilizing every available bus driver employed by the district, including office staff and mechanics with the proper licenses.

Due to continued driver shortages, KPS will be forced to cancel identified bus routes on a rolling basis. District buses operate on a three-tiered system with the same driver transporting students to and from three different schools daily. When a route is canceled, it will impact students in at least three buildings.

The route cancellation process will occur in the following way:

  1. The routes KPS will not be able to cover will be identified the evening before. If additional

    shortages occur in the morning, more routes will be canceled with little to no notice.

  2. The impacted schools will notify families of this route cancellation using our robocall system. It is

    important that you know your child’s bus number as this is how we will identify which routes

    have been canceled.

  3. Every effort will be made to limit cancellation of the same route to only once a week.

  4. When you receive a phone call stating the bus is canceled for the day, that includes both the pick-up and drop-off.

In anticipation of possible bus cancellations, please have an alternate plan ready for your child to either transport them to school or to have child care available, if necessary. If you are unable to arrange for alternate transportation, please notify the school of your child’s absence. Your child’s teacher(s) will be able to provide access to missed lessons through Google Classroom.

Kalamazoo Public Schools is not alone in this crisis. School districts across the state and nation are canceling bus routes because of the severe bus driver shortage. We know this causes hardships for families. Please let anyone you know who may be interested in a job as a bus driver that there are positions available. Drivers are paid during training and can earn benefits and bonuses.

KPS has a number of other part- and full-time positions available. You can see the complete list of positions available at or you may contact our Human Resource Department at (269) 337-0177.

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