• One-half (0.5) credit is needed for graduation.


    [R] Health: A Wellness Approach 
    [SBG] Applied
    1 Trimester  0.5 Credit
    Course #: 4510-1
    Prerequisite: None
    This course will provide students with the opportunity to explore a wellness approach to fitness, nutrition, mental and emotional health, drugs and alcohol, stress management and personal relationships. The topic of reproductive health, including HIV, AIDS, and STIs, will also be included. In addition, an introduction to first-aid, including CPR, will be covered.

    Advanced Health
    1 Trimester – 0.5 Credit (elective)
    Course #: 4520-1
    Prerequisite: Health: A Wellness Approach
    This is a project-based course. Using the inquiry model of instruction, students will develop skills in the following areas as they relate to potential careers in the health field: problem-solving, communication, and research design.