Parent Concern Communication Flowchart

  • Our goal is to provide our parents, guardians and community members with great service.

    We have created a KPS Parent Concern Flowchart.  The following series of flowcharts identify the steps to follow on how to get questions answered, how to resolve problems, and how to navigate the “system”.

    Following these steps will help answer the question or resolve the problem in the shortest amount of time possible.
    It would be best for the parent or community member to start with the teacher, coach, or program leader to see if the issue can be resolved at that level. That will speed the resolution of most issues.

    When there is a concern, the first step should always be to communicate directly with the person in charge of the class or program. If step one does not resolve the issue or clarify the rationale, step two is to contact the building administrator in charge or the direct supervisor. The easiest way to communicate is via e-mail or a phone call.

    When a concern is raised to a supervisor, in order to investigate the situation that supervisor must speak directly with the teacher, coach, or program leader.  Please use and follow the steps outlined below to address your concerns.

Parent Concern Flowchart

  • Matters Involving Curriculum/Instruction

  • Matters Involving Student Discipline

  • Matters Involving Transportation

  • Matters Involving Athletics

  • Matters Involving Facilities/Grounds/Buildings

Building Telephone Numbers

  • Kalamazoo Central High School: 269-337-0300
    Loy Norrix High School: 269-337-0200
    Phoenix High School: 269-337-0760

    Hillside Middle School: 269-337-0570
    Linden Grove Middle School: 269-337-1740
    Maple Street Middle School: 269-337-0730
    Milwood Magnet School: 269-337-0670

    Arcadia Elementary: 269-337-0530
    Edison Academy: 269-337-0550
    El Sol Elementary: 269-337-0230
    Greenwood Elementary: 269-337-0560
    Indian Prairie Elementary: 269-337-0590
    King-Westwood Elementary: 269-337-0610
    Lincoln: 269-337-0640
    Milwood Elementary: 269-337-0660
    Northeastern Elementary: 269-337-0690
    Northglade Montessori School: 269-337-0700
    Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary: 269-337-0720
    Spring Valley Elementary: 269-337-0750
    Washington Writers' Academy: 269-337-0770
    Winchell Elementary: 269-337-0780
    Woods Lake Elementary: 269-337-0790
    Woodward Elementary: 269-337-0810

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