About Kalamazoo Innovative Learning Program (KILP)

  • The Kalamazoo Innovative Learning Program (KILP) is a rigorous academic program, as well as a flexible in-person and virtual engagement structure. The new hybrid structure was birthed out of our experience with pandemic learning, creating a new opportunity to better serve our students, many of whom have academic or personal situations that require more flexibility. We serve students who are behind pace in their progression toward graduation.

    Students and staff will follow a hybrid in-person/virtual instructional schedule that will be tailored to their specific personal situations/circumstances.  

    KILP will have the following components: 

    • Small group and one on one weekly contact (combination of in person and virtual instruction),

    • 1:20 teacher student ratio, as well as paraprofessional support (2:10 staff -student ratio),

    • Development of close student-staff relationships (teacher, paraprofessional, administrator, Promise Coach),

    • Development of student decision-making and self-advocacy skills through organizational skill building and planning for each trimester,

    • Use of emerging and evolving technology tools,  

    • Rigorous computer-based curriculum,

    • Access to in person learning through the district provided Kalamazoo Metro Transit bus tokens (for flexible transportation options),

    • Access to district provided transportation for child care,

    • Access to post secondary planning through Kalamazoo Promise coaching,

    • Connection with social-emotional support through community organizations for myriad personal circumstances (ex. food and housing insecurity, pregnancy and parenting resources, daily child-care, mental health, and domestic violence intervention...).

    Structure:  KILP will be divided into 3 face-to-face sessions per day, each 2 hours in length, including lunch.  Students will have 3 mandatory sessions each week, but will have access to additional in-person daily sessions, as well as remote support sessions via Google Meet.  All students will have access to a Chromebook and a hotspot (if needed) to use for virtual learning, as well as access to a computer lab at the physical instructional site .

    KILP students are generally referred through their high school counselor and must be approved by their school's Dean of Students.  

  • Kim Kirshman
    Kimberly M. Kirshman Ed.S

    School Administrator since 2000 (21 years)

    Teacher since 1991 (8 years)
    Have served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and now "Administrator for K12 Virtual Learning".
    Earned Educational Specialist in Central Office Administration at GVSU in 2010
    Earned Master's in Educational Leadership at MSU in 2000
    Earned BS in Education at CMU in 1990
    All teaching experience in a large urban setting in Palm Beach County, Florida.
    Passion for urban education and especially KPS as a former student, parent, and community member.
    2nd year as the Administrator for Virtual programs and KILP.