• Kalamazoo Public Schools offers a curriculum to provide challenge, rigor, richness, and to promote high academic achievement. The curriculum is based on performance standards aligned to the Michigan Department of Education grade-level and subject expectations, as well as best teaching practices.

    At the elementary level, there is a new comprehensive math curriculum called Eurkea Math. Students connect to real-world skills that build math confidence, learn to be fluent in mathematics, learn to visualize math, and develop reasoning skills. The elementary schools also recently launched the writing series, “Being a Writer.” It connects academic and social-emotional learning through the writing process. The teacher starts with discussions and models examples for students, and students develop their own writing voices through an exchange of ideas. Both were implemented in the 2017-18 and  2018-19 school years.

    Our secondary curriculum emphasizes mastery of core subjects to prepare students for post-secondary education pursuits and the work force of the future. There are exploratory courses at the middle-school and high-school levels in areas of specific interest. The district offers more than 20 Advanced Placement courses to challenge students and to help them earn college credit. Other options for students include the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center; Early/Middle College which has more than 30 career paths leading to a high school diploma and associate’s degrees or certificates; Education for Employment (EFE); Education for the Arts (EFA); dual enrollment, and online courses.


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