2020 Spartan Award Winning Publication

This Spartan Award is the highest ranking a student newspaper can achieve from the Michigan Interlastic Press Association.  



The 2019-2020 Knight Life Staff

From left to right, First Row: Brandon Schnurr, Natacia Branstrom, Riley Dominianni, Maya Crawford.  Second Row: Ourania Alexopoulos, Ms. Pankop, Elliot Russell, Jackson Kiino-Terburg, Lily Stickley, Yasmin Mosqueda.  Third Row: Clara Moss, Jeanie Gould-McElhone, Devon Gross, Claire Goodwin-Kelly, Emma Hilgart-Griff, Alexis Weeden, Brandi-Rose Phiri, Eli Reynolds, Perla Santiago. Not Pictured: Gigi Fox, Shin-Ling Yeh, Colin Carnell, Nathan Goodwin-Kelly, Audreanna Dunton, Finn Brent, Lydia Snapp, Samantha Shaffer, Hannah Locke.


Knight Life is a student produced publication that has been reporting the news since 1960. We publish the news on our website Knight Life News. Download our App--Student News Source then search Loy Norrix and read Knight Life.


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MIPA Award Winners from State Competition

Online Breaking News Coverage   

Honorable Mention     Ourania Alexopoulos, Brandon Schnurr    

News Story

Honorable Mention     Ourania Alexopoulos    

Online Follow-up News Coverage

Honorable Mention     Lily Stickley          

News Brief

3rd Place                    Claire Goodwin-Kelly    

News Analysis

Honorable Mention     Audreanna Dunton     


Honorable Mention     Devon Gross        

Bylined Opinion Article

2nd Place                    Lydia Snapp        Honorable Mention     Lily Stickley        

In-depth Feature

Honorable Mention     Lydia Snapp        

Informative Feature

Honorable Mention     Maya Crawford        

Human Interest Feature

Honorable Mention     Clara Moss        

Personality Profile

Honorable Mention     Elliot Russell        

Sports Action Photo

3rd place     Alexis Weeden        

Sports Feature Photo 

3rd Place     Perla Santiago        Honorable Mention     Alexis Weeden        

News/Feature Photograph

2nd place     Yasmin Mosqueda     

Photo Story

1st Place and 3rd Place     Perla Santiago        

Editorial Cartoon

Honorable Mention     Cameron Greene, Rayna Sorrentino

Comic Strip

1st Place     Bella Ford          3rd Place     Aanje Greymountain     


3rd Place     Elliot  Russell,  Eli Reynolds   

Information Graphic

3rd Place     Maya Crawford        



Editor-in-Chief:  Devon Gross

Web Editor:  Brandon Schnurr & Elliot Russell

Business Manager:  Brandi-Rose Phiri

Asst. Business Manager:  Audrey Dunton

Photo Editor:  Perla Santiago

Asst. Photo Editor:  Yasmin Mosqueda

News Editor:  Lily Stickley

Feature Editor:  Riley Dominianni

Opinion Editor:  Nate Goodwin-Kelly

Sports Editor:  Claire Goodwin-Kelly

Arts and Entertainment Editor:  Jeanie Gould-McElhone

Copy Editor:  Colin Carnell

Graphics Editor:  Eli Reynolds, Maya Crawford

AV Editor:  Jackson Kiino-Terburg

Social Media Team: Emma Hilgart-Griff, Lydia Snapp Perla Santiago, Clara Moss, Nia Alexopoulos and Natacia Branstorm

Student Update Team:  Maya Crawford, Natacia Branstorm

Staff Reporters:  Hannah Locke, Samantha Shaffer, Finn Brent, Shin-Ling Yeh, Gigi Fox, Ian Woodruff

Advisor:  Tisha Pankop