Loy Norrix Counseling and Guidance Department

Christopher Aguinaga, Dean of Students -- aguinagacj@kalamazoopublicschools.net

Pamela Robinson, Guidance Counselor:  A-Eh -- robinsonpa@kalamazoopublicschools.net

Susan Benton, Guidance Counselor:  Ei-Lev -- bentonsj@kalamazoopublicschools.net

Rebecca Learner, Guidance Counselor:  Lew-Ro -- learnerrl@kalamazoopublicschools.net

Sheryl Scott, Guidance Counselor:  Ru-Z  -- scott-clearysa@kalamazoopublicschools.net

Christine Dehaan, Administrative Assistant -- dehaancl@kalamazoopublicschools.net

April Alexopoulos, Administrative Assistant -- alexopoulosaa@kalamazoopublicschools.net

Deb Kuntzman, Administrative Assistant -- kuntzmandj@kalamazoopublicschools.net

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