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A Look into the Art Room

Published: 1 years 48 days ago

As we leave November and head into December the artists at King-Westwood have been completing some awesome art lessons.

Fifth grade has completed charcoal owls. During this project they learned about cropping, textures, value and how to use drawing charcoal as an artist.

Fourth graders started a new lesson. They are learning about Japanese Notan. The art of paper cutting using a balance of dark and light paper. During this project students are thinking about positive and negative space, as well as the culture of Japanese artists.

Third grade classes just finished creating African Zebras. Students were engaged in VTS (visual thinking strategies) and made observations about a painting titled “Zebras and Hyenas.”

In second grade we are currently learning about artist Charley Harper. Students are drawing raccoons, creating textures and using shape.

Artists in first grade listened to a story about Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky called the Noisy Paint Box. They are creating concentric circles using oil pastels and watercolor paint. Kandinsky loved to paint to music and use bright colors, as well as interesting shapes.

For the next few weeks kindergarten artists are learning to draw using multiple-step instructions. They will create sketchbooks and learn how to follow directions to create a drawing. This week they drew reindeer, and Santa.

Some Artistic Adventures around town include:

Art Hop

The first Friday of each month. Come visit me in my
own studio at the Park Trades Building.

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
Public Tour: This Land is Your Land-Looking at Landscapes. Dates: Sun Dec 3, 17 Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm Location: KIA Galleries. Join us for a tour of the KIA Collection with a particular focus on landscape paintings. Discuss color, composition, and style with a knowledgeable docent of many works of art that show us, "This Land is Your Land."

KNAS Holiday Wreath Workshop Dates:

Thu Dec 7, 17 Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm Registered students will enjoy expert designer, Sherri Snyder, of Gull Lake Landscape Company teaching this wonderful workshop--all materials provided.

The Upjohn Mason Grandchildren Interactive Gallery on the KIA's lower level has reopened after a complete redesign with fresh colors and new hands-on activities - including a pegboard wall, black light corner, and magnet play area. New books and places for caregivers to sit will welcome children of all ages for a variety of art-based fun. Be sure to make a stop downstairs! Children through age 12 are always free - students $2, others $5.

Don’t forget to check out our very own Instagram page!! Denoonartroom. The page showcases student work at all grade levels.

Mrs. DeNoon


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