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Published: 1 years 61 days ago

It was great to see you at conferences! As was shared with some of you at conferences, we are just finishing up a jump rope unit for all grades. K-1 students first manipulated the jump rope making different letters and shapes, followed by turning and jumping the rope safely. Students in grades 2-5 also started with jump rope safety but were challenged with different types of jumps (skier, bell, etc.). All students finished with skills on the long rope, whether it was the whole class playing “Jake the Snake” or smaller groups working on entering and exiting the rope.

After our Thanksgiving break we will begin our tumbling unit and finishing December off with the parachute. Speaking of Thanksgiving we hope you and your families have a wonderful, and relaxing time together. A great way to help you feel not as full after your Thanksgiving Day meal is to take a walk, get a little exercise to help your body digest the big meal, and help you to make a little room for pumpkin pie!

Another reminder to please help your child stay prepared for physical activity, especially with snowy weather approaching. Please help them to bring their gym shoes to school on the Physical Education days, twice a week for 30 min.

Thank you,

Leslie Patterson

Physical Education Teacher


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