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Published: 2 years 27 days ago Action in Physical Education… Happy winter!! In physical education, we are wrapping up our tumbling unit. During the units, depending on your child’s grade level, skills will be assessed. Keep in mind when you receive your child’s physical education report card at the end of January, no matter what your child’s score is for a particular skill, I am always looking for them to improve and give their best effort, in addition to being responsible for themselves and respectful to others. As, always, if you have any questions please email at or contact me at school.

It is boot season, and most students really do a great job being prepared for class and having their gym shoes! If a student does not have appropriate shoes, a reminder note is sent home, noting P.E. days. After three days of not having gym shoes, a call home is made to remind parents as well. I appreciate your support in ensuring your child has gym shoes, so they can safely participate in class.

Don’t let the winter cold keep you in. Take advantage of fun outside activities such as sledding, hiking, and just playing in the snow. I challenge all students and their families to stay moving throughout this cold and sometimes gloomy season! Here are some inside ideas for over break to keep moving:
- Bowling
- Make up a dance routine using 8-12 steps to a fun song
- Watch a holiday movie and jog in place during commercials
- Cardio/Ab challenge: 5 burpees, 10 frog jumps, 20 second plank a couple times during the day
- Have your kids help make a healthy dinner and include fruits & vegetables

When we return from break, we will begin volleyball! Enjoy the holidays with your family, I am looking forward to hearing from our students about the activities they will do over break to stay healthy.
Mrs. Melvin


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