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1-25-16 Jaguar Journal

Published: 2 years 361 days ago Dear King-Westwood Jaguar Families,

Does your child have a library card to visit the Kalamazoo Public Library? If not, please make time to visit one of the awesome branches of the Kalamazoo Public Library and obtain a library card for your child.

If your child received a library card this year or a previous year when he/she was in first grade, those library cards are temporary cards. You must visit a KPL branch and exchange it for a permanent library card. It is very easy, too! The parent must present a driver’s license or state identification and you can get the permanent library card.

Each teacher is taking the status of his/her homeroom class in an effort to encourage ALL of our students to get a library card. Our goal is for ALL of our students to have a library card before the end of the school year.

Having a library card contributes to a student’s overall success in school and in life! The library staff can assist students in finding additional resources to complete homework assignments or projects. Students and parents would also have online access to databases for articles and reports, as well as online encyclopedias, and test preparation materials. Your KPL library card allows you to check out books at any branch, but it also allows you to browse eBooks and audio books online to download onto your computer or mobile device. I especially love being able to download audio books for my daughter, Maddie, and I to listen to on those long road trips to Nebraska and North Carolina to visit our family. Over
the years we have shared many memorable books together and of course, the long ride also gives us a chance to talk about the books!

If you need assistance in getting your child a library card, please let us know. In the meantime, please help us in our efforts to see that 100% of our King-Westwood students get a library card by the end of the 2015-16 school year!

I look forward to seeing you around school.

Best Regards,
Sandie Lundquist, Principal

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