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1-11-16 Jaguar Journal

Published: 3 years 39 days ago Dear King-Westwood Jaguar Families,

Happy New Year! It doesn’t seem possible we have embarked on a new calendar year and the second half of this school year’s journey. Thank you for being part of our fabulous school community and professional family!

The New Year brings many different activities offered to both students and families. Be sure to watch for information every week by checking your child’s teal Jaguar folder.

Since returning to school in 2016 we have had many questions about students standing outside in the morning and students going out for recess. Our goal is to get students outside each and every day for recess. Many times the morning temperatures are such that we bring the students in, but by mid-late morning, we can get the students outside. When the temperature and/or wind chill is between 0-20 degrees, we monitor
it closely. Students might stay outside in the morning or go outside at recess if it is 10 degrees and no wind, but even a little wind can end up keeping students inside. We expect students to come to school every day ready to go outside. If a student needs assistance with some cold weather gear, we are happy to assist. We remind students frequently about wearing their hats, mittens/gloves, snow pants, and boots. We work
with the students to build responsibility for accounting for these items and independence in taking these items on and off each time they go out. If a particular child must stay in due to temporary health concerns, please let us know so we can make accommodations for the student.

I look forward to seeing you around school. My door is always open to meet with you if there is something you would like to discuss. Please feel free to stop by or make an appointment.

Best Regards,
Sandie Lundquist, Principal



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