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What’s happening at the Library in January?

Published: 3 years 12 days ago Nonfiction materials will be the focus of library instruction during January. This will include books as well as online resources. The students will
be exploring different styles of nonfiction writing and nonfiction authors and the writing process they use. Nonfiction books are certainly one of the most exciting areas to explore in children’s books right now. If your child expresses an interest in something or brings home a nonfiction book from the library, please read it together and discuss what they are reading. The book might be a good stepping-stone to research online. Many books suggest web sites to further explore the topic of the book. Reading magazines, newspapers, books online, and text based web sites will improve your child’s reading skills.

During February, the library will be displaying books about Black History that are both fiction and nonfiction. In addition I will be featuring African
American authors in my classes with students. Our online catalog is available to find what is available and features subject lists along with relevant web sites. A link is provided below.

First grade classes are beginning a unit on the science of snow. We will be learning about what makes snow, the different types of snow, and how snow can actually help protect plants and animals. It makes all that white stuff more interesting for both the students and the adults.

The fourth graders have used maps and an online encyclopedia to find information about states and to learn how to navigate around a web site.
The link they are currently using is . The user ID to use at home is kpsd and the password is kpsd.

Web Sites for Students – This is the link to the library online catalog (OPAC). If you want to find the subject reading lists, click on catalog, then the visual tab. Use the “Kid” links and click on BookFlix. This is part of the Michigan Elibrary and has both fiction and nonfiction paired text eBooks. – A K-2 information database that’s also fun to explore. Our 1st and 2nd grade students use this one regularly. The user ID is
kingww, the password is media. The Social Studies area has a number of biographies.

Happy Reading!
Mrs. Langsam


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