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11-2-15 Jaguar Journal

Published: 3 years 10 days ago Dear King-Westwood Jaguar Families,

Parent-Teacher Conferences
It is hard to believe we are approaching the end of the first card marking this school year and, Parent-Teacher Conferences are right around the corner! If you haven’t already indicated a time to meet with your child’s teacher, please do so today, by leaving the teacher a voicemail or an e-mail. This first conference is very important, as we make our plans in working together to create success for your child, both at school and home.Don’t forget to stop by and visit with our special subject teachers before or after your conference with the classroom teacher. Understanding how your child is performing in all areas of the curriculum will give you an idea of how he/she is transitioning between subjects,
as well as what you can do to continue supporting your child at home.

Is your child ready for the cold weather?
With winter and lower temperatures knocking on our door, it is time to make sure all our students have the appropriate outside weather gear. Please consider donating last year’s boots or snow pants, if they are no longer needed and are still in relatively good condition. Donating gently used boots and snow pants is a great way for all of us to work together to help one another. Students who need boots or snow pants will be able to get items from the donation bins.

Safety First!
We all run late and bend traffic rules on occasion, but a busy school zone is certainly not the place to take risks. Not only is it an expensive gamble—we are risking lives. Our state of mind is muddled and our concentration is fuzzy. Please take the time to review the drop off and pick up procedures. You can find a copy of our traffic pattern in the school office, or if you call and let us know, we will be happy to send another copy
home with your child. Please remember to use the crosswalk, stay off your cell phone, park in the main lot or across the street if you want to walk your child to the door, and never call your child to walk in front of a car or bus to get in yours. It’s all part of being a responsible, caring,
good citizen, which is what we try to teach the children every day. While they may not always listen to what we say, they certainly watch what we do.

I look forward to seeing you around school, especially at Parent-Teacher Conferences or at the Parent-Principal Coffee on Friday, November 13th at 9:30 a.m.

Best Regards,
Sandie Lundquist, Principal



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