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Published: 3 years 154 days ago According to the State of Michigan Compulsory School Attendance Law, it is the responsibility of school personnel to monitor all students’ attendance. Parents will be notified in writing, following excessive absence/tardy accumulated within a school year. The Michigan Compulsory Attendance Law states that those parents/guardians of children age 6-16 are required to send a child to school during the entire school year, except
in cases of emergency or for the following reasons:

**Personal illness – The school may require verification by a doctor.
**Illness in the family – Work with your child’s teacher to keep schoolwork current.
**Death of a relative – Absence arising from a family death. Please notify your child’s teacher should you feel your child might need support when they return to school.
**Religious holiday – Children will be excused from class if the absence is for the purpose of observing a religious holiday that is part of the child’s creed or belief.
**Medical Appointments – Parents should try to make every attempt to schedule their child’s regular medical and dental appointments for times after school or on weekends.

Tardy/Leave Early:
Students are counted tardy if they arrive to school late or leave early. We are aware there are times when children must be tardy, due to unforeseen circumstances or appointments. Tardiness impacts a student’s learning time and is extremely disruptive to the educational environment. We encourage children to come to school regardless of the time – it is better to be tardy than to miss an entire day of school.

Students are unexcused if they are absent/tardy without permission. They either do not have permission from parents/guardians to be absent/tardy or the parent/guardian excuse is not accepted by the principal.

Students are excused if they are absent/tardy with permission. They either have permission from parents/guardians that is accepted by the principal, or they have permission from the principal.

Students are counted absent if they miss more than 1½ hours of instructional time in the morning or afternoon.

Homework Assignments:
If your child is absent from school, you may request their homework assignments when you call in to report the absence. Assignments may then be picked up in the school office after school.

Students have the opportunity to be recognized for perfect attendance for each of the marking periods of the school year, plus a special recognition for perfect attendance for the entire school year.


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