Welcome to PowerSchool

  • What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?


    PowerSchool Parent Portal is an online resource that gives parents/guardians access to their student’s:


    • Grades and attendance
    • Test results
    • Report Cards
    • Attendance history
    • Email notifications that can include your child's grades and school announcements
    • Teacher comments
    • School bulletins
    • Calendars


    How do I access the PowerSchool Parent Portal?


    PowerSchool Parent Portal Link

    Directions on How to Set Up Your Account



  • Do I have to access PowerSchool Parent Portal through a browser or can I use an app?

  • I am following the directions but I’m not getting the password reset email.

  • I am in my account, but I don’t see all of my students.

  • When can I access the Parent Portal?

  • Do I need to log off the Parent Portal when I am finished?

  • Can parents/guardians have individual access to their student’s information?

  • What happens to my access to the Parent Portal when my child transfers schools within the district?

  • Can other people see my student's information?

  • I want to grant access to others (grandparent, aunt/uncle) to view my student's grades. Can I do that?

  • Can I print what I see?

  • I am not getting emails from PowerSchool Parent Portal. Why?