Reproductive Health & Sex Education

  • Kalamazoo Public Schools recognizes that well-planned and implemented sex education will help students develop their ability to make positive decisions about their health and well-being. KPS acknowledges that parents/guardians are the primary sexuality educators for their child/children and we are committed to partnering with you to provide supplementary resources to support you in this role. This webpage contains information about sex education offered in KPS, the Sex Education Advisory Board, tasked with overseeing the selection and evaluation of the curriculum, as well as helpful information for parents. 

Sex Education Advisory Board Description

  • Michigan law requires that school districts choosing to teach sex education must have an advisory board. The SEAB is responsible for the following: 1. Establish goals and objectives for student knowledge and skills; 2. Review materials and methods of instruction used and make recommendations to the board of the school district for implementation; 3. Evaluate, measure and report the attainment of program goals and objectives at least once every two years. The board is composed of parents, students, local clergy, a registered health professional and district staff.


    For more information about the SEAB and its members please contact

    Angela Justice, Interim Director of Curriculum & Instruction ,