Chromebook Procedures

  • computer on desk

    Kindergarten students will have access to classroom devices to use while at school. They will not have a take home device.

  • chromebook

    1st-4th Grade
    Students will have access to classroom devices to use while at school AND can be provided with an at-home device to support extended learning away from school.

  • backpack

    5th-12th Grade
    Students will be assigned a "backpack" device. Students will be expected to bring their device to and from school fully charged.

  • Students will have the same device assigned to them for four years - so take good care of it!

    • Students and parents/guardians must read, sign and return the last page of the KPS Student Acceptable Use Agreement before receiving their Chromebook.
    • 5th - 12th grade backpack devices should be charged nightly to allow for usage throughout the day. There will not be an opportunity to charge the Chromebook during the school day.
    • If a 5th -12th grade student leaves their Chromebook at home repeatedly, it may result in a loss of take-home privileges or other consequences.

    Technology Damage/Loss Procedures (1st-12th Grade)

    Care of all instructional materials, including Chromebooks, distributed by KPS is the responsibility of the student to which they are assigned and the parent/guardian. This includes costs associated with damages and loss or theft. (KPS Board Policy 7.13 Care of District Property)

    If accidental damage occurs, families will be charged a $20 fee to cover some of the repair costs. Students will be provided with a loaner until their device is repaired or replaced. Subsequent accidental repairs/replacements will require the parent/guardian to pay for all damage to the device. 

    The following repairs/replacements will require full repair/replacement costs:

    • Dishonest and/or intentional acts, vandalism
    • Tampering with or unauthorized attempts to repair the device
    • Unexplained loss or mysterious disappearance
    • Loss or damage to charger
    • Blatant neglect

    Chargers: $20
    Keyboards: $30
    Screen: $100
    Motherboard: $105
    Full Replacement: $305