• In additional to traditional course offerings and class settings, the following unique programs and services are available to meet specific student needs:

    Advanced Placement Courses
    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are intended for students in grade 10-12 and are offered to challenge students and provide an opportunity to earn college-level credit while enrolled in high school by taking the AP exam. All students enrolled in an AP course will be required to take the related AP exam in May. AP courses follow guidelines as suggested by The College Board. AP course descriptions found in this Bulletin are listed by department. AP courses not offered at your home school may be available at the other KPS high school or online through Michigan Virtual University (MVU). Consult your dean of students if you are interested.

    ATYP (Academically Talented Youth Program)
    ATYP are classes offered in collaboration with Western Michigan University (WMU) to provide an accelerated high school curriculum for students possessing unusually high mathematics and verbal abilities. Classes meet on the campus of WMU for two and a half hours per week (September through June). Students must meet qualifications to be eligible to participate in ATYP. For more information, please contact WMU at (269) 387-3553. Your dean of students can provide you with information regarding scheduling and credits.

    Credit Retrieval
    Students are required to pass all core academic courses. Students who do not successfully pass a course (required for graduation) will have to make up the course either during the regular school day (based on availability) or through alternative means (after-school program, summer school, or a KVCC course) and will have to pay the appropriate tuition and fees (where applicable).

    Edmentum Courseware
    Students have an opportunity to make up credit through Courseware, a computerized credit recovery system. Through Courseware, students work independently in a computer lab to complete an online course and recover credit. The lab is available at each high school during the school year. Interested students should contact their counselor or dean of students for more information. Students who successfully complete a Courseware course will receive credit for the course. However, this format does not fulfill the MDE online learning experience.

    Summer School
    KPS summer school offers students an opportunity to make up credit in core academic courses during the summer. Pertinent information regarding summer school will be made available in May through your guidance counselor or by contacting the Department of Secondary Education at 337-0168. As information becomes available, it will be posted on the Kalamazoo Public School’s website at: www.kalamazoopublicschools.com/secondary.

    Kalamazoo Valley Community College (KVCC)
    Students must receive approval from the Dean of Students to make up courses at KVCC. Students are responsible for all related costs.

    School Business Partnerships
    School Business Partnerships join area businesses, students, and teachers for mutual benefit. The Law course has a partnership with the Kalamazoo Criminal Justice System and students in economics work with a business management consultant one day a week.

    Student Assistance Program
    This is a program that has well-trained professionals working toward prevention and intervention strategies for potential difficulties students may experience and for providing help to their families.

    Instruction and Student Services
    The Department of Instruction and Student Services coordinates a variety of instructional services for all students in KPS. This includes special education and related services for students who qualify under federal or state rules and regulations. Support Services will be provided according to the student’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP).

    All students are expected to have access to the general education curriculum in order to meet high school requirements. Local and state requirements for high school graduation are for ALL students; even those with an IEP or a Section 504 Plan. While modifications may be made in very limited cases for students with an IEP or Section 504 Plan, there are no “opt out” provisions. Parents/guardians may request a Personal Curriculum that modifies the standard requirements for graduation. The District will consider a Personal Curriculum after all other options have been earnestly exhausted and recorded in writing.

    The programs and services support each student’s educational success and prepare him/her for employment or other post-school experiences. The IEP will determine educational services that will assist the student to prepare for the transition from secondary education to post-secondary life. Students have a variety of experiences including career exploration, job shadowing, and placement on and monitoring of job sites.

    Testing Out
    Testing out of a class can provide a student the opportunity to move into more challenging advanced classes, including college dual enrollment, at a quicker pace. Students interested in testing out should be self-directed learners capable of demonstrating an understanding of the subject area content expectations in the course for which they wish to test out. 

    In some instances, students may test out of either the A or B sections or the entire course. The student must score at least 70% or better on the district designated test in order to test out and receive credit. The testing out credit will appear on the transcript and will count towards the total number of credits needed for graduation. However, the score does not translate into a grade, and is not part of the GPA calculation for any purpose. When considering the test-out option, students need to consider the following: 1) the effect on their GPA calculation (this may mean NOT including a potentially high grade in the GPA); 2) NCAA requirements; and 3) other college admission considerations. See your counselor to inquire about your test-out options, test schedule, and/or to register for an exam.

    Three, Four, and Five Year Graduation Plans
    The Kalamazoo Public Schools’ high school graduation plan is flexible to meet the unique and varied needs of its students. Students may wish to accelerate their plan by graduating in fewer than four years, or in more than four years, if necessary. For specific details or to vary your plan, please consult with your building’s Dean of Students.