• Students in grades 9-12 have an opportunity to apply for dual enrollment in a local college or university. 


    1. Students must be in the 9th - 12th grade.
    2. Students must have received a dual enrollment qualifying score on one of the following exams: PLAN, ACT, PSAT, SAT, or MME for the particular content area in which they are requesting dual enrollment.  
    3. The course must not be available at Kalamazoo Central, Loy Norrix, or Phoenix High School.
    4. Students must be registered for the appropriate number of regular on-site high school courses. 
    5. Western Michigan University requires a 3.5 GPA for juniors and a 3.25 GPA for seniors.
    6. Students wishing to dual enroll for the first semester must complete the dual enrollment registration process prior the first day of school, and second semester in early December. Failure to do so will result in a denial of dual enrollment status.
    7. The dean of students must approve any change to a student’s dual enrollment prior to the course change or the student’s dual enrollment status will be revoked.
    8. Parents must reimburse the district’s portion of tuition and fees for dropped courses before enrollment in future dual enrollment courses are considered.
    9. Students dropping courses must appeal to the dean of students prior to enrolling in future courses.


    1. Pick up a Dual Enrollment form from the dean of students.
    2. Fill out the form and return it to the dean of students for approval and signature.
    3. Enroll for a class at the college or university. Be sure to take the completed Dual Enrollment form (with the dean of students’ signature) when registering for the class at the college/university.
    4. Bring a copy of the tuition bill to the dean of students.
    5. The dean of students will adjust the high school schedule to reflect dual enrollment.
    6. At the end of the college course, students must bring an OFFICIAL copy of their grades to the dean of students to close the dual enrollment case. Grades may be transferred to the high school transcript upon request. Failure to provide an OFFICIAL copy of the grades will result in denial of future dual enrollment requests.


    1. Students need to re-apply each semester for dual enrollment. Until all steps are taken, regular on-site high school courses will remain on the student’s schedule.
    2. Dual enrollment pays for tuition, application fees, and lab fees. It does not pay for parking, books, or transportation. 
    3. Dual enrollment is available at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo College, and Kalamazoo Valley Community College. 
    4. Dual enrollment does not cover the full tuition at Kalamazoo College or Western Michigan University. The tuition balance is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents.
    5. NCAA requires that the college/university send an official transcript directly to the higher education institution.
    6. Dual enrollment courses shall be at least three credit hours and each college course equates to one high school course on a student’s high school schedule.
    7. The student shall ensure the time a dual enrollment class meets and transportation to and from it, falls within the restraints of a full schedule of classes at the high school.                                                                               

    Kalamazoo Public Schools will fully or partially reimburse students for textbooks required for dual enrollment classes taken at a Community College. The reimbursement amount is determined by a formula established by the Michigan Department of Education and will vary depending upon course and textbook costs.

    Reimbursement Procedure
    In order to be reimbursed for textbooks, the following criteria must be met:

    1)  Have a grade of ‘C’ or better as verified by a copy of the student’s unofficial transcript.

    2)  At the end of the semester, you MUST sell back your books and have the bookstore employee fill out the amount for each book on the Buyback Receipt Form.

    3)  Submit a Textbook Reimbursement Form with purchase/rental receipts, buyback/rental return receipts to Kelly Davis, Administration Building.

    4)  When receipts are received, the business office will calculate your refund up to the amount allotted by the state. This reimbursement amount is determined by a formula established by the Michigan Department of Education.