• Future Michigan Educator Course 3
    1 Trimester - 0.5 Credit
    Course #: 55201
    Grades 9 and 10

    This course is for all students who have an interest in education and educational related careers including teacher, counselor, and administrator, to name a few. This course will review concepts related to cultivating healthy equitable learning communities that support a wide variety of cultures, and other socio and economic factors. This course will also have a strong experiential component where students use their skills to tutor younger students. Students that successfully complete the course will be eligible for employment opportunities in the KPS summer readiness program.

    Link Crew Leadership
    1 Trimester • 0.5 Credit
    Course #: 5510-456
    Recommended for students interested in developing strong leadership skills and being a member of LINK Crew. 
    Students taking this course will conceive, plan, execute, and evaluate a variety of school activities relating to transition of freshmen into high school. Participants will be trained in necessary leadership and life skills such as setting and accomplishing goals; collaborating with others; effective communication; time management; meeting deadlines; and problem-solving. This course seeks to foster students’ understanding of themselves and their capacity for leadership, and the importance of their leadership role in mentoring the members of the freshmen class. This course is available for repeat credit.