• [R] College and Career Readiness 
    [SBG] Applied
    1 Trimester ● 0.5 Credit 
    Course #: 0110-1
    Prerequisite: None
    This course offers students a series of experiences designed to prepare them for post-secondary education, as well as additional preparation for the Michigan Merit Exam (MME). Among the menu of experiences available from this technologically driven course, students will individualize their preparation for college work and utilization of The Kalamazoo Promise. Course experiences include: an individual education plan from Career Cruising, Career Forward online course offered through Michigan Virtual University (MVU), the college search, selection and admission process, college application essays, and SAT online preparation for the MME, which includes sample questions from the SAT test. Studies include content and etymological clues, analogues, general vocabulary, reading comprehension, inferences, test-taking skills, and practice tests. In addition, students will complete a research assignment culminating in an oral presentation. Successful completion of this course will result in the student earning credit and fulfillment of the state-mandated online experience.  

    WAIVER: Students are required by the Michigan legislature to complete an online course or to have 20 hours of online experience. Students requesting to be excused from the College and Career Readiness course must complete the High School Online Course or Learning Experience form (see pages 95 and 96). The student must indicate how the Michigan required 20-hour online experience will be completed (examples include courses through Michigan Virtual University which can be completed from anywhere there is a computer and internet connection – see page 93). Students must receive advanced approval from the Dean of Students. The completion of the course work will be verified by the Dean of Students. Credit may or may not be given for completing the 20-hour state requirement independently (depending on the rigor of the online course), but the online experience will be placed on the student’s transcript.