Category II-Serious Misconduct Consequences

  • A parent/guardian contact or conference with the teacher and/or administrator/ or designee is required at a time convenient for all parties involved for all Category II disciplinary actions.  School officials are expected to resolve Category II violations by utilizing one or more of the following disciplinary consequences.

    Suspension – Suspension from school for one (1) to three (3) days may be used as a disciplinary option.  An in-school suspension option may be utilized as part or all of a suspension assignment.  The length of a suspension shall be determined by the gravity of the offense, the circumstances under which it took place and the limits established in the Code.  An appropriate meeting or contact with the student will be held prior to any suspension and parents/guardians shall be notified of all suspensions.  Students who are suspended are to remain off all school properties and are ineligible to attend any school activities until reinstatement.  A parent/guardian conference or contact should be held with the school administration during the period of suspension.

    Students who have been suspended in excess of ten (10) consecutive or cumulative school days in a given school year will be referred to the school building core team (building team, pre-assessment team, or student assistance team). The core team (or equivalent group) shall be responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring an alternative educational plan for the student in cooperation with parents/guardians, building administration and staff and appropriate community agencies/resources.

    Alternative education room assignment --Assignment to an alternative education room in conjunction with out-of-school suspension may be used as a disciplinary consequence.

    Parent/guardian contacts or conferences -- 

    Additional parent/guardian contacts and/or conferences at school may be considered as part of a disciplinary response.

    Saturday detention – Assignment to Saturday detention session(s) at a school site under the supervision of school staff may be employed as a disciplinary consequence

    Referral to school support services – At any time a referral may be made to the school’s core team (building team, pre-assessment team, student assistance team) for the purpose of developing appropriate interventions and plans to help resolve a behavioral problem. The team may assist in planning for the student’s return and future success at school after serving a suspension.  A referral may also be made to community-based agencies for additional intervention and/or assistance.

    Staff members may develop individual plans for students or initiate small group instruction to address student achievement and behaviors.  This may include a contract or social skills training.

    NOTE: Although behaviors are categorized into three (3) classifications, repeated or extreme violations in Category II may result in disciplinary action appropriate for Category III.

    Confiscation of item, warning, and possible suspension, exclusion, or expulsion recommendation. Public Safety may be notified if appropriate. Parent/guardian contact shall be made.

    Any other offenses not specifically listed, which are similar to the above violations, may be subject to classification as Category II Infractions by school authorities.