Code Infractions

  • The Student Code of Conduct does not discuss school district attendance policies and/or the requirement for credit and graduation. Rather, this code covers only the most obvious and serious types of misconduct. Neither the infractions, nor the consequences for code infractions which follow, are to be construed as an all-inclusive list or as a limitation upon the authority of school officials to deal appropriately with violations of the rules and regulations of an individual school building, or other types of conduct which interfere with the proper functioning of the educational process and/or the health and safety of students, staff and the community.

    The sections that follow detail the infractions as well as the possible range of consequences to the violations of the Student Code of Conduct. If a specific consequence is not stated for a violation of a particular rule, then reasonable disciplinary actions may be taken at the discretion of the administration. Actions may range from a verbal warning to a recommendation for expulsion depending on the nature and severity of the offense, the prior behavior records for the student, the recommendation of school personnel and other relevant circumstances.