Parent/Guardian/Caregivers/Families Expectations & Responsibilities

  • The Code of Conduct is your guide for understanding the personal, social, and academic behaviors that are expected of your child at school and how school principals, teachers and staff will work with you and your child to help them demonstrate positive behavior and enjoy academic success.

    Parents/Guardians/Caregivers have a right to:
    • A free public-school education for their child.
    • Access the educational records concerning their child.
    • Be actively involved and engaged in the education of their child.
    • File complaints and/or appeals regarding matters affecting their child’s education. Parents/Guardians/Caregivers responsibilities:
    • Ensure regular, on time, daily attendance for the duration of the school year.
    • Remain aware of the child's performance by maintaining contact with the school through reviewing work, progress reports and other school notices, talking to the child about school, and meeting with school staff as requested.
    • Be aware of the academic and behavior expectations outlined by District policies and this Code, as well as, the procedures of your child’s individual school/classrooms, and help your child understand them.
    • Partner and collaborate with the school to support expectations of academic achievement and appropriate behavior in school and the community.
    • Be respectful and courteous to staff, other parents/guardians and students while on school premises, refraining from disruptive behavior.
    • Support your child in ways that maintain a climate of mutual respect and dignity for all students regardless of actual or perceived race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex.
    • Inform school officials and/or staff of changes in the home situation that may affect student conduct or performance.
    • Ensure the school is updated with accurate contact information including, but not limited to, home address, telephone number(s), and email address(es).
    • Respond in a timely manner to communications from school.

    Parents/Guardians/Caregiver expectations:
    • To be treated courteously, fairly, and respectfully by all school staff.
    • Receive regular reports, written, oral or electronic, from school staff regarding their children’s academic progress, behavior, and attendance including, but not limited to, report cards and conferences.
    • Receive information of inappropriate or disruptive behaviors by their child and any disciplinary actions taken by school staff.
    • Receive information about due process procedures for disciplinary matters concerning their children, including information on conferences and appeals.
    • Have access to and receive recommendations for support services (e.g., tutoring, after-school programs, academic programs, mental health services, etc.) within Kalamazoo Public Schools District and the community.
    • Receive information about services for students with disabilities and English language learners, when applicable.
    • Receive language assistance services (including oral and written translations) in order to participate in District programs.