District Beliefs, Expectations & Responsibilities

  • The Kalamazoo Public School District believes that all students can learn when provided with appropriate instruction and an environment that is safe and orderly. To create such an educational setting requires a comprehensive program of instruction, written and consistently enforced standards of discipline, and the cooperative efforts of students, parents/guardians, school staff and the community. In order to develop and maintain a positive educational setting, discipline standards should balance the need for consistency and uniformity with the need for discretionary authority, and should offer alternatives. The Kalamazoo Public Schools’ Student Code of Conduct is based on the following beliefs:


    1. Discipline is a natural element of educational and personal development.
    2. Positive behaviors are encouraged through appropriate reinforcement and/or corrective measures.
    3. The rights and welfare of the individual as well as the entire school population will be protected.
    4. The Student Code of Conduct should lead to a clear understanding of behavioral expectations and consequences for unacceptable behavior.
    5. The school will strive to achieve a balance between the rights of students and the need for order and safety for the entire school population.