• Renters Requirements During COVID-19

    Kalamazoo Public Schools is committed to the safety of our students and our community.  We intend to strictly adhere to the local and state health guidelines.  Considering current COVID-19 conditions, the following protocols have been added as a requirement for all Kalamazoo Public Schools renters until further notice.

    1. RENTER'S DETAILED PLAN:  The renter will need to present a detailed explanation of their plan for ensuring that all local, state and district guidelines will be followed during their rental.

    ◊  Submit in writing to the KPS Rental Department prior to being approved to start the rental.

    ◊  Including, but not limited to, plan for social distancing, number of participants and spectators, sanitizing protocols, and the use of face coverings or other protection.

    ◊  Include who will be responsible for taking roll (see explanation below).

    ◊  Find the latest guidelines at https://www.michigan.gov/coronavirus/

    2. SIGN THE KPS ADDENDUM:  In addition to the rental agreement, you will also need to sign another page which is the COVID-19 Addendum.

    3. TAKE ROLL:  Renter will now ned to document on a roll the date and times that each person is in attendance.

    ◊  This is to comply with "contact tracing" guildelines. (NOTE SOURCE*****)

    ◊  This is NOT a sign-in sheet.  It is a roll that only the coach/renter will be touching or filling out.

    4. COVID IMPACT FEE:  There will be an additional 1 hour COVID impact fee of $50 each day of the rental.  This will allow for extra sanitization after each rental.

     When you feel that your group is able and ready to abide by these additional protocols, follow the steps below to set up your rental request.