Schedules and Information

  • New teacher and student schedules have been developed for Trimester II, which begins on Monday, Nov. 30. We gathered input from students, teachers, principals, and parents/families (through the Parent Advisory Council, teachers, and principals). 
    Our focus is on continuous improvement for teaching and learning, student engagement time (attention to both quality and quantity), improved communication, and social-emotional learning. 
    There are many benefits to increasing the instructional time for Trimester II, including:
    • more intentional time to explain concepts,
    • check for understanding,
    • implement strategies, including specific to students with support services (IEPs, ESL, 504s),
    • more time for small peer breakout groups,
    • more interaction time with teachers to gain clarity on learning, and
    • more time during class to start and progress with the work. 
    Adjustments to the elementary student schedules include:
    • an earlier start time by thirty minutes,
    • increased instructional time, 
    • and a longer time for lunch. 
    Middle school students will have:
    • academic classes four days a week with classes in chronological order, 
    • more teacher time for questions, deeper learning, and completing work.
    High school student schedule changes include:
    • academic classes four days a week with classes in chronological order, 
    • a longer time for lunch, and
    • schedule adjustments to better accommodate KAMSC, EFE and EFA. 
    The student schedules were emailed to families on Nov. 20. Teachers are highly encouraged to share and discuss the Trimester II schedule changes with students during class on Monday, so students are well aware of expectations starting Nov. 30. 

    You should verify your child's schedule with your school or Home Access Center (HAC).

    Additional information about the Kalamazoo Virtual Learning Path (KVLP or Option 2a) or the Kalamazoo Virtual and Innovative Collaborative (KVIC or Option 2b) may be found on their websites.