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My Stop Mobile App

  • KPS Transportation Announces "My Stop" Mobile App

    Our goal is to provide parents/guardians with a secure way to receive real-time updates on their student's school bus information by using a cell phone or tablet.

    This program will be free. Please be patient as we strive to implement this new technology.

    *This program is currently in development. Expected bus arrival time may not be exact.

    Always have your student at the bus stop 10 minutes BEFORE their scheduled stop or estimated arrival time.


    If you have any questions, please call our Transportation office. 

My Stop Mobile App

  • My Stop™ provides parents with mobile access to bus information. This app displays the location of the user's assigned school bus, as well as the estimated time of arrival to their stop. Students can plan for late or on-time arrival, and prevent missed pick-ups or being left outside in inclement weather.

    • My Stop can be used as a mobile application or through the internet.
    • Push notifications — District administrators can send real-time push notifications to parents with critical information, like a district-wide late start or change of bus number.
    • Easy login — Parents can log in with their e-Link username and password, making it easier for them to keep track of their information.

    My Stop Mobile App