Welcome to King-Westwood

  • King-Westwood is an elementary school serving a diverse group of kindergarten through fifth-grade students. The core curriculum includes math, reading, writing, science, and social studies. In addition to the core classes, all students participate in music, physical education, and art classes. Many students participate in extracurricular activities before and after school. King-Westwood is a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) school. We teach and model ROAR behavior. This means students learn to be Respectful, Orderly, Attentive, and Responsible. At King-Westwood we have a tradition of excellence and are proud Jaguars!

    Mission Statement

    The mission of our school, a partnership of family, staff, and community, is to ensure that each student develops an academic foundation and unique talents. Students will become lifelong learners and competent, responsible citizens through strong, personalized and innovative instruction in a safe, academically challenging, creative, and caring environment.

    Vision Statement

    King-Westwood Elementary School needs to have:

    Dedicated teachers, learners themselves, who strive individually and collectively to provide excellent teaching and learning activities every day…and then to be reflective about effectiveness.

    Parents, guardians, and other family members who are partners in educating their children (i.e. commitment to providing time, space, and support for homework; active involvement in their children’s school; communication with their children’s teachers, and emphasis on the importance of education with their children).

    Support staff that embrace the work of the school and are committed to every child’s learning and well-being.

    Community members who are dedicated to each child’s learning and to providing help to our school and families to meet the needs of our children.

    Students who understand the importance of their education and who work hard to learn through focus at school, completion of homework, reading at home, and good communication with their teachers, peers, and families about learning and their needs. Our students need to understand the importance of what they do now and how this will impact their college and adult lives in the future.