Instructional Technology

  • The Instructional Technology Department seeks to find ways to integrate technology into all curricular areas. Using computers and the Internet as well as other technologies, teachers are enhancing their instruction and engaging students in new ways.


    Instructional Technology includes design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning. Instructional technology is often referred to as a part of educational technology. Instructional Technology is a transformational area that encompasses a vast amount of technological tools. Tools that are integrated within this area may include hardware, as well as, traditional software items.

    In this growing age of communication, Instructional Technology seeks to consolidate the global environment by tactfully exposing students to culturally relevant images, experiences and interactions as they seek to understand their world. Instructional Technology does this through the use of interactive instructional tools (e.g., Smartboards, document cameras), as well as software (e.g., Skype, Timetoast) that allows students to access all sense modalities that are availed. Instructional Technology seeks to optimize the learning experience through the students and teachers use computer software and internet resources to locate, process, and present information, as well as, learn and assess their skills.

    Instructional Technology covers the processes and systems of learning and instruction, preparing students, teachers, administrators and families to interact in a dynamic global environment.

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Arenas of Instructional Technology

    • GradPoint
    • Cyber Smart
    • Technology Professional Development Series
    • Computer Technology Curriculum