Academically Talented Program

  • The Screening Process

    All students in grades 2 through 4 are screened for inclusion in the Academically Talented program for the following school year. Fall, Winter, and Spring NWEA-MAP Growth or FastBridge aReading and aMath tests as well as teacher recommendations are used in the screening process. The specific test scores necessary to qualify depend on the building, but typically students need to consistently score in the 85th-90th percentile in order to qualify for either the ELA or mathematics components (students can qualify for one or both subjects). Other factors are taken into consideration for our Curiosity Lab programming at select schools. 

    Students and parents are notified in late summer or early fall (once staffing is finalized) if qualified. Programming typically begins during the 3rd or 4th week of school. Due to staffing and class size limitations, we are usually not able to admit students mid-year. We attempt to make exceptions for new-to-KPS students who have qualifying scores from other districts. 

    Please note that participation in the A/T program in elementary school is NOT a requirement for participation in advanced middle school or high school courses.

Program Staff