Compass Learning
Instructions for Compass Learning

Compass Learning is an online math program that will allow students to practice specific math skills based on the results of the NWEA MAP test they completed at school.  By using Compass Learning, your student(s) can continue to build their math skills throughout the summer.  Directions for logging into the program are found below.

1. Go to
2. Enter your child's username.  It is their first and last name with no spaces.  For example, Matt Johnson's username would be mattjohnson.   The username is not case sensitive.
3. Enter your child's password.  Their password is their six digit student ID number, including "id" in front of the number.  For example, their password could be id123456.
4. Enter the code KPS in the line that says school.  It will not be available in the drop down menu.  You will have to put your cursor in
line and delete what is in there (most likely it is the word ODYSSEY).  Once the space is clear, type in KPS.
5. Click the button "Log In."

Need Help?
Enter a login support request 

Are you trying to access Compass Odyssey on a mobile device or tablet?
You can access Compass Learning® on a mobile device or tablet (anything that will not allow flash), Puffin Academy by CloudMosa will need to be downloaded. You can download this app for free in your device's app store.

You can also watch a video on how to do this here


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