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Last Name First Name Position Phone #/Email Address Location/Department

Offidani Ashley Teacher 269-337-0300
Kalamazoo Central High School

Okar Patrick Teacher 269-337-0610
King-Westwood Elementary School

Okar Emily Teacher 269-337-0750
Spring Valley Center for Exploration

Olivarez Angel Counselor 269-337-0730
Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts

Oliveto Katelyn Teacher 269-337-0660
Milwood Elementary School

Ollie Larry Paraprofessional 269-337-1740
Linden Grove Middle School

Ollie Dudley Supervisory Technical 269-337-0690
Northeastern Elementary School

Orbeck Tonya Secretary 269-337-0550
Edison Environmental Science Academy

Orchanian Rhonda Occupational Therapist 269-337-0422
Community Education Center
Adult Education

Orr Gregory Teacher 269-337-0570
Hillside Middle School

Ortiz Jennifer Paraprofessional 269-337-0670
Milwood Magnet School

Osborn Joel Teacher 269-337-0720
Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary School

Osborne Valerie Librarian Assistant 269-337-0810
Woodward School for Technology and Research

Ottesen Jonathan Teacher 269-337-0630
Prairie Ridge Elementary School

Ottusch Jamie Teacher 269-337-0670
Milwood Magnet School

Pace Annissa Paraprofessional 269-337-0200
Loy Norrix High School

Pachay-Kish Amy Teacher 269-337-1579
Administration Building
Bilingual & Migrant Education

Pankop Tisha Teacher 269-337-0200
Loy Norrix High School

Parent Joanne Paraprofessional 269-337-0530
Arcadia Elementary School

Parker Rachel Social Worker 269-337-0730
Maple Street Magnet School for the Arts

Parker Brittany Teacher 269-337-0720
Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary School

Parker Charles Behavior Specialist 269-337-0530
Arcadia Elementary School

Parlato Shannon Teacher 269-337-0790
Woods Lake Elementary: A Magnet Center For The Arts

Partin Donna Teacher 269-337-0700
Northglade Montessori School

Pastoor Traci Librarian Assistant 269-337-0570
Hillside Middle School

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