Strategic Planning, Parent Checklists, and Long-Term Board Goals

High and clear expectations drive student achievement. Two hundred and fifty (250) staff and community members came together in 2008 to create expectations for KPS students at every age of their development and for the adults that support them: parents, educators, support staff, and community. The outcome of this work was the strategic plan expectations that follow.

In 2010, the student expectations were used to create pre-K-5 checklists to share roughly what students needed to know and be able to do at the end of every year in elementary school. These expectations are sent to elementary school parents annually.

In January 2009, the Board of Education approved five long-term goal areas: the improvement of reading, writing, math, Advanced Placement participation and success, and graduation rates. The district has made significant progress in all of these areas in the last decade. In November 2016, the Board of Education added two more long-term goals: continued improvement of district customer service and marketing and continued improvement of career awareness, exploration, and development in the middle years of education (grades 4-10).

Documentation of those expectations can be found attached below. Please contact (369) 337-1572, if you have any questions.


Strategic Planning Community Expectations (PDF)
Strategic Planning Educator Expectations (PDF)
Strategic Planning Parent Expectations (PDF)
Strategic Planning Student Expectations (PDF)
Strategic Planning Support Expectations (PDF)

Documentos en Espanol
Apoyo Expectat Support Staff (PDF)
Comunidad Expectat (PDF)
Educatadoes Expectat (PDF)
Estudianted Expectat (PDF)
Padres Expectat (PDF)