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2017-2018 Calendar
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2017-2018 Calendar

First Semester Calendar Released

Kalamazoo Public Schools has concluded its negotiations with the Kalamazoo Education Association. The first semester calendar is posted below. The calendar for the remainder of the year is expected to be finalized by Sept. 1. It will be posted as soon as it is completed.

The district appreciates your patience.


5   K-12 attend a.m. only; no half-day kindergarten

6   First full day for K-12; first day for half-day kindergarten

18   First day for PEEP, a.m., p.m., and full-day


13   Grades 6-12 end of first six week. Grades 6-8, a.m. only with p.m. schedule.

18   Grades 9-12 a.m. only with a.m. schedule, grades 9-12 conferences in p.m.

19   Grades 6-8 a.m. only, with a.m. schedule, grades 6-8 conferences in p.m..

27   Grades PreK-5 no school. Records day.


3   Grades 6-12 no school, end of nine-week marking period

9-10   Grades PreK-5 a.m. only, a.m. kindergarten in a.m.

22   Schools closed.

23-24   Thanksgiving recess, schools closed.

28   Grades 9-12 full day, exam 2.

29   Grades 9-12 half day, a.m. only, exam 1 and 3.

30   Grades 9-12 half day, a.m. only, exam 4 and 5.


1   Grades 6-12 no school, end of first trimester

25-January 5   Winter break, schools closed. School resumes January 8

January 2018

8   School resumes

26   K-12 students a.m. only, p.m. schedule. No PEEP. End of first semester.

April 2018

2-6   Spring break. School resumes April 9.

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