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KILP Holds First Commencement

Kalamazoo Innovative Learning Program Graduates 14

The Kalamazoo Innovative Learning Program, Kalamazoo Public School’s newest alternative high school, held its first commencement ceremony June 2 at Kalamazoo Central High School.

Fourteen students graduated this year from the Kalamazoo Innovative Learning Program (KILP). KILP opened in the fall with 60 students. The program offers smaller class sizes with flexible scheduling and a significant online learning component. The school serves students who need to focus on credit recovery.

KILPL principal David Gamble welcomed the audience and commended students and staff for making the program’s first year a success. “Congratulations to you all. I am looking forward to witnessing your accomplishment of your future goals.”

KPS Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice spoke at the graduation.

“Graduates, I appreciate you. More to the point, I appreciate your resilience, your steeliness, your determination to finish high school. You would not be denied,” Rice said. “It’s not that people, including you, didn’t have doubts along the way. They — and you — certainly did. The trick is not to be so consumed by doubts that you are paralyzed, that you can no longer move forward in your lives.”

He encouraged the graduates to continue their educations to further their options for the future.

“Your resilience, your strength, and your determination are portable. You can and do take them with you in life. You will continue to benefit from them as you use them to accomplish more and to accomplish greater.”

KILP will continue next fall with 100 students. KILP graduates are eligible for the Kalamazoo Promise. For more information on enrolling, contact principal David Gamble at the school at (269) 548-0190.
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