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Milwood El Has a New Look

School Re-Opened in September After Yearlong Construction

Joy Triumph couldn’t hide her enthusiasm for Milwood Elementary School’s new look.

The fourth-grader attended the community open house held in September to celebrate the school’s grand re-opening this fall. “I think the new school is very cool and nice,” she gushed. “This is my first year and I am really excited!”

Everyone, from students to teachers to community members, is enjoying the new Milwood Elementary Re-Opens After Yearlong Construction and Remodeling Project A Wealth of Languages Equals a Wealth of Cultural Experiences in KPS look for Milwood.

The north wing of Milwood was built in the 1920s, and comprised almost half of the old structure. The north wing was demolished in 2015 as part of the building project. The south wing was built in 1949. In 2015 and 2016, the school district rebuilt the north wing and renovated the south wing at a cost of about $5.5 million.

The school held a re-opening ceremony and community open house Sept. 12. At the open house, KPS Superintendent Michael F. Rice said, “I’d like to thank our community for its support of our children and our schools and in particular for the financial support that made possible the building of this new school.”

Principal Sara Glendening said the new addition holds several popular features including a computer lab, music room, art room, and a new cafetorium with a stage. One highlight in the new wing is the new library and multimedia center, which has two-story windows that flood the space with light, and computers at the back of the room.

Students are also excited about the new lockers in the south wing. The teachers are especially pleased with new furniture throughout the building, as well as new technology, such as interactive whiteboards, computers and classroom sound systems, Glendening said.

“The kids just think the building is beautiful and they have a great school,” Glendenning said.

Four special guests attended the re-opening. Char (Fessenden) Manion, Carolyn (Polderdyke) Overloop, JoAnn (Banker) Vrobel, and Carol (Buist) Butler attended Milwood from 1938 to 1948, kindergarten through ninth grade.

Overloop said the friends visited the school before the remodeling began to see their old haunt one more time. They had a hard time sensing the old building in the new school, but that’s fine, they say, because they think the new building is great for the students.

“It’s very nice, clean, airy and open,” Vrobel said. “I hope the kids have a good time here.”

Butler said she loved the new technology and the library. “It’s amazing,” she said. “This really didn’t resemble anything we knew.”

Milwood was a great place to go to school, Vrobel said, because of the friendly neighborhood feel. “We just all grew up together and stayed friends for years and years afterwards. ”
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