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Enrollment Highest Since 1980
Linda Mah
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Enrollment Highest Since 1980

KPS One of the Leaders in School Enrollment Across the State

With over 13,000 pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students, KPS is educating its largest number of students since 1980.

For the ninth time in 11 years, KPS has increased its kindergarten through 12th grade enrollment, this time by an expected 75 students, from 12,697 students last year to 12,772 students this year. KPS has grown by 2,455 students, or 24 percent, in grades K-12 in the last 11 years.

Including its 414 students in pre-kindergarten, KPS has more students than at any time in the last 36 years.

The tremendous growth of the last 11 years began with the Kalamazoo Promise. Introduced in November 2005, the Kalamazoo Promise generated the first increase in enrollment in the district since the early 1970s, an increase of 1,008 students in 2006. Enrollment grew by 150 students in 2007. In the last nine years, enrollment has grown by 1,297 students.

In the last several years, KPS has almost doubled its pre-kindergarten slots; quintupled the number of students receiving full-day kindergarten; increased student achievement in reading, writing, and math; more than doubled the number of students taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses; almost tripled the number of AP courses that students take; increased high school graduation rates; and raised college-going and college graduation rates as well.

“Continued growth in KPS enrollment is consistent with our continued improvement as a district,” said KPS Superintendent Dr. Michael F. Rice. “Every year, our staff and community improve our support for and education of children in the district. That said, we continue to implement reforms to improve and look forward to partnering with our community to progress additionally for kids.”

In the last 11 years, KPS, a leader now in enrollment growth, has moved from the 24th largest to the 12th largest district in the state. Increases in KPS enrollment come at a time of declining birthrates, decreasing enrollment, and increased school choice and charters across the state, factors which make the increases all the more remarkable. Kalamazoo is one of the few urban districts in the state to have experienced net growth in the last decade.


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