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Math Night Turns 10 at Greenwood

Family Event Remains Popular Among School Community

What began as a simple way to help boost math scores, has become a decade-long tradition at Greenwood Elementary School.

Greenwood’s Math Night, a family-friendly celebration of numbers, turned 10 this year.

Families wandered the hallways and classrooms, visiting teachers, who volunteer their time to present math games for every grade level from prekindergarten through third.

The night also includes raffles and guessing games.

“I think people still fear math,” said teacher Jami Skinner, the kindergarten teacher who coordinates the event for Greenwood. She’s participated in every Math Night since its inception.

Math Night is a way to show students — and parents — that math can be fun and something that the whole family can share.

“It’s a good way for parents to get good, hands-on activities and great learning games,” Skinner said.

Activities range from shapes and counting games for the youngest children to Number Battle, which is a card game like War but requires the players to flip over two cards at a time and add the values, with the highest total winning the hand.

Each teacher chooses their own games, and after the night is over, students who attended receive a copy of the game for their grade level to take home, so they can continue practicing the math ideas they enjoyed at the event. Also, while some children take home the raffle prizes — every child receives some prize for attending.

“We’ve thought about ending Math Night, but parents beg for it every year,” Skinner said.

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