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Parkwood Celebrates Summer Reading
Linda Mah
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Parkwood Celebrates Summer Reading

Kalamazoo Public Library Reading Program Rewards Readers

Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary School students gathered at the beginning of the school year to celebrate their participation in this year’s Kalamazoo Public Library Summer Reading Challenge.

Students who read at least 20 minutes a day for 60 days over the summer won books and a Build a Better World T-shirt. This year’s summer readers were:

Tommy Andrie

Ruby Brent

Elijah Cachero

Zoe Cachero

Masha Canfield

Eleanor Cook

Lucienne Cook

Grace D’Arcangelis

Henry Deutsch

Dylan Duguay

Spencer Duguay

Merrick Ewing

Grant Ferraro

Sam Fletcher

Izabelle Foreman

Eli Frazier

Caleb Gonzalez

Avery Greer

Avner Grubaugh

Jaxon Grubaugh

Kaitlyn Hamilton

Conrad Hansen

Jaliyah Harris

Tessa Hawthorne

Robin Jennings

Avery Kidd

Brayden Kidd

Nolan Kiplinger

Colleen Marlowe

Malia Meibeyer-Folkema

Amelia Murphy

Tor Nelson

Mara Nicolaescu

Bailey Nelson-Ort

Adelaide Richards

Viola Riley-Spreitzer

Beatrice Richter

Jayden Ruelas

Lucca Russell

Sara Rutgers

Amanda Schultz

Mia Stroven

Adelyn Thompson

Miya Timmer

Sadie Triemstra

Jada Troxler

Carter Tuthill

Alexander Velo

Noah Watkins

Audrina Wellington

Benjamin Wright

Sam Wright

Ava Yarworth

Camden Zeigler

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