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Board Approves Bond Scope Committee
Linda Mah
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Board Approves Bond Scope Committee

Committee Will Evaluate the Needs of the District

The Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education has approved the formation of a Bond Scope Committee to review the school district’s potential need to include a bond question on an upcoming ballot.

The committee, which was approved at the Oct. 12 board meeting, includes parents and staff from across the district. If the committee recommends a bond, it also will propose a related project list and bond amount for the consideration of KPS Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice. Rice will make a recommendation to the board for a subsequent voter referendum.

The committee co-chairs are Patti Kanipe and Jason Morris.

Committee members are: David Berlin, Carolyn Betke, Anthony Bradley, Yolanda Browning, P.J. Buchholz, Ron Dillard, Lisa Dougherty, Rana Findling, Annette Fox, Tamica Fox, Ajamian Gardner, Mary Kate Goodwin-Kelly, Mark Hill, Jacquelyn Hobson, Scott Hunsinger, Amy Kendall, Marnee Michalski, Erin Middleton, Amanda Miller, Greg Orr, Linda Spicketts-Lass, Tina Tabulog, and Sally Wright.

Central Administrative Staff representatives to the committee are: Judy D’Arcangelis, Johnny Edwards, Cindy Green, Karen Jackson, Alex Lee, Nathan McLaughlin, Caycee Sledge, Gary Start, and Al Tyler.

Board Trustee Carol McGlinn said, “This is so important. This is a very well-rounded committee. It’s really so important we get this input from the community as a whole.”

Board President Patti Sholler-Barber agreed with McGlinn saying, “the committee does a lot of listening before they make recommendations,” and are careful to then prioritize any needs they identify.

The work they do, she said, “is very visionary for the district.”

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