The Michigan Department of Education K-12 Curriculum and Standards web page has detailed information and documentation on the following:

  • content standards

  • learning objectives and benchmarks

  • Grade Level Content Expectations (GLCE)

  • programs, research and resources


The elementary curriculum for KPS is designed to offer challenge, richness and high academic achievement. The curriculum is based on performance standards aligned to the Michigan Curriculum Framework, as well as best practices in teaching for learning. Developmentally appropriate and rich in hands-on experiences, this curriculum motivates students for optimal learning. Extended-day kindergarten sessions are located in 15 of our 17 elementary buildings.


Middle School

A broad set of stimulating learning settings is the key feature of our middle school curriculum. Courses in English, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education are taught every day. Full-year and 12-week exploratory courses offer students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of classes such as Spanish, art, music, technology and special activities such as drama and Volunteens.


High School

KPS has two comprehensive high schools with a wide variety of courses. High achievement is a result of the schools’ focus on academics. Emphasis on mastery of core subjects prepares students well for both post-secondary education and the changing work force of the future. Opportunities are also available to students for an in-depth study in areas of specific interest. In addition, Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center (KAMSC) offers advanced study in math and science. Alternative educational pathways are available. Enrichment opportunities are provided through the many Advanced Placement courses as well as elective courses including Fine Arts, Work Experience, Technology, and World Languages. Exciting off-campus courses are available through Education for the Arts, Education for Employment, and at local colleges and universities.





Daily Homework Expectations

Plus Daily Leisure Reading


10 minutes

20 minutes

Grade 1

10 minutes

20 minutes

Grade 2

20 minutes

20 minutes

Grade 3

30 minutes

25-30 minutes

Grade 4

40 minutes

At least 30 minutes

Grade 5

50 minutes

At least 30 minutes

Grade 6

60 minutes

At least 30 minutes

Grade 7

70 minutes

At least 30 minutes

Grade 8

80 minutes

At least 30 minutes

Grades 9-12

90-120 minutes and additional time during assessments and exams

At least 30 minutes

Additional time may be required for advanced classes.