Secondary School Bus Procedures


Secondary students (6-12) are eligible for transportation if they reside more than one and one-half miles from the school, and they are attending their designated boundary school or a magnet school.  If you choose to send your child to a school that is not a magnet school and it is located outside of their designated boundary, transportation is not provided.


Students may have up to two regularly scheduled morning pick-up locations and up to two regularly scheduled drop-off locations.  Pick-up and drop-off locations must be on a set schedule.  Students may only ride a bus to which they are assigned.  Telephone calls or written notes for same-day or temporary bus assignment changes will not be accepted.


Bus stop locations are assigned, where possible, to group students together at a central location. This provides a gathering place for students, and also allows parents to share the responsibility of monitoring the bus stop.  Every attempt is made to ensure that no student must walk more than four-tenths of a mile (approximately four blocks) to their assigned bus stop.


Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their student and their safety prior to boarding the bus in the morning and at the time the student is discharged from the bus in the afternoon.  You can help ensure your student’s safety by discussing bus behavior rules and common courtesies expected on the bus and at the bus stop. 


Our priority during the beginning of the school year will be scheduling transportation for eligible students that do not have a bus assigned to them.  We will not consider bus stop changes until all students have been assigned a bus.


Please do not ask drivers to change pick-up or drop-off times or locations.  If you have questions or concerns, contact KPS Transportation at 337-0500 or by email at   Administrative staff members must approve any change to ensure that the district abides by local, state and federal requirements.


Students should be at the bus stop before the designated approximate pick-up time.  Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early during the first three weeks of school and 10 minutes the rest of the school year.  Wait 10 minutes after the scheduled time before reporting a problem.  The listed bus stop times and location are subject to change as students enroll or change addresses. 


Please remind your student that they must listen to their bus driver, stay seated at all times and speak in a quiet voice while on the bus so that all students will have a safe ride to and from home.  Students may only ride to and from their assigned bus stop and should have their student identification available to show the driver when requested.  Unsafe behaviors cannot be allowed, and may result in the suspension of bus riding privileges.