Elementary Education

Contact: (269) 337-0190

Judy D'Arcangelis- Director of Elementary Instruction

Vicky Leatherman - Supervisor of Elementary Instruction

High and clear expectations, particularly for children, lead to higher achievement and performance, all else being equal. In an effort to make as clear as possible the expectations for children completing pre-school and children finishing kindergarten, staff in the Kalamazoo Public Schools created checklists for pre-school through grade 5. Since then, Kalamazoo Public Schools's staff refined pre-school and kindergarten checklists and created checklists for grades 1 through 5 to support parents, educators, support staff, and community members in helping students achieve expectations on the checklists. These checklists serve as a guide to help prepare our students for college, and for college success.

Preschool Checklist (PDF)

Kindergarten Checklist (PDF)

1st Grade Checklist (PDF)

2nd Grade Checklist (PDF)

3rd Grade Checklist (PDF)

4th Grade Checklist (PDF)

5th Grade Checklist (PDF)

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