Expanded Online Learning
Kalamazoo Public Schools

Expanded Online Learning Opportunity

All students enrolled in Kalamazoo Public Schools in grades 5 -12 are eligible to enroll in up to two
online courses a semester or trimester, beginning January 2014. The student must have parent or legal
guardian consent for enrollment in the online course(s). Enrollment must also be pre-approved by the
elementary principal, middle school counselor, or high school dean of students.

According to the Michigan Department of Education, an online course is defined as a course of study that is capable of generating a credit or a grade and in which a teacher who holds a valid Michigan teaching certificate is responsible for determining appropriate instructional methods for each pupil, diagnosing learning needs, assessing pupil learning, prescribing intervention strategies, reporting outcomes, and evaluating the effects of instruction and support services.

Each online course a student requests must be approved by Kalamazoo Public Schools and meet the
approved criteria outlined by the Michigan Department Education listed below: 
 1) the student has not previously gained credit provided for the completion of the online course; 2) the online course is capable of generating academic credit; 3) the online course is consistent with the remaining graduation requirements or career interests of the student; 4) the student possesses the prerequisite knowledge and skills to be successful in the online course or has not demonstrated failure in previous online coursework in the same subject; and 5) the online course is of sufficient quality or rigor.

The district will pay $610 per online course each semester for grade 5 students and $407 per online course each trimester for secondary students. 

Enrollments in online courses from the Michigan Online Course Catalog (MOCC) must be coordinated with Kalamazoo Public Schools. Parent or legal guardians cannot directly enroll students in an online course from the MOCC website. Students wishing to pursue online learning opportunities can view the MOCC located at ( and view available online course offerings from the MDE’s course catalog. Students may not exceed a full-time schedule.  Students must meet with their elementary principal, middle school counselor, or dean of students to get approval to enroll in an online course, and to determine the best individualized online instructional plan for academic achievement and successful course completion.