Academically Talented Program

Program Staff:

Judy D'Arcangelis - Director of Elementary Instruction

Vicky Leatherman - Supervisor of Elementary Instruction
Jack MIlls - Instructional specialist
Karen Jansheski - Instructional Specialist
Tracie James - Instructional Specialist
Nancy Klee - Instructional Specialist
Alisande Voss - Instructional Specialist

Contact:  (269) 337-0190

The Screening Process

All students in grades 2 through 4 are screened in Spring for inclusion in the Academically Talented program for the following school year. Spring NWEA-MAP tests in math and reading, cognitive abilities test scores, and teacher evaluations are all used in the screening process. Note that we do not re-administer a cognitive abilities test (OLSAT or CogAT) if we already have one on file since student's scores on these tests do not change dramatically over time (like an IQ test).  Detailed information on the screening process can be found here.