PEEP Schedule

Daily Schedule

This is an example of a partial day (morning or afternoon) three hour schedule.  The order of the parts of the daily schedule may vary sometimes.  Full day students follow a schedule much like this in the morning then have lunch, rest time, more work and play with stories and learning centers, and outdoor time in the afternoon.  Classroom teachers provide parents and families with the daily schedule at the beginning of the school year.          

Start-the-Day Centers


Breakfast or Lunch

30 minutes

Teachers greet children by name as they arrive. Adults sit with children during the family style meal, conversing and supporting. 

Children participate in beginning of the day Centers, such as Books and Puzzles & Games. 

Story Time

20 minutes

Teachers read Opening the World of Learning (OWL) storybooks.  Child help read and retell stories in varied ways.  They fill in a word when the teacher pauses, read out loud with others, discuss the story, stand on the side the words start on and point at them during the reading, sing or chant the story, act out parts of the story, use puppets, etc. (as well as read the story on their own later or in small groups with follow up activities or extensions.)  Students help write a daily brief message, often about the featured storybook.   

Small Groups and Plan Time

15 minutes

Children participate in one of three small group lessons and experiences (literacy, math, science, social studies concepts.) 

Each child plans (in varied ways over time - pointing, talking, moving name tag to center label or map, drawing, writing, etc.) what they will do first at Choice Time.   

Choice or Center Time

65 minutes 

Centers include Blocks, Books, Writing, Listening, Puzzles & Games, Nature, Sand, Water, Play-dough, Art, and House or other Pretend Play themes, such as Veterinary Clinic, Restaurant, Doctor's Office, etc.   

Children choose materials to play and work with on their own or with friends.  Adults participate without taking over or dictating:  They observe, listen, narrate children's actions, paraphrase their words, converse with children, heighten their awareness of what others are doing, refer children to one another for help, extend language and thinking, and support children's experiences. Children return materials before choosing others to further develop responsibility and independence.  

Review or Recall Time then Songs, Word Play, and Letters

15 minutes

Children reflect upon and share in varied ways about something they did at Choice Time.  Children sing songs, do finger plays, read poems with the teachers to develop literacy skills, such as rhyming, clapping syllables, identifying or naming alphabet letters, etc.    

Outside Movement

35 minutes

Outdoor activities (or indoors, depending on the weather) include jumping, hopping, catching, parachute play, dancing, etc.  PEEP staff escort children to the buses and/or pick-up person.  Children are only released to the parent or other authorized person.  The adult's yellow key chain must match the child's red key chain.