Adult Education

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Call our office at (269) 337-0422 for more information!

We have classes at the following locations:

  • CEC (Old Central) for LINKS Success and Career Courses, ABE, GED, ESL and High School Equivalency (GED & HiSet) Testing

  • Distance Learning for ABE and GED

  • El-Concilio for ESL

  • Goodwill for ABE and GED

  • Kalamazoo County Jail - Inmates only

  • KPEP - Participants only

  • OnStaff for ABE and GED

  • Urban Alliance Tech. Center for ESL (IELCE), GED, and CNC Training

  • YOU for ABE & GED

For GED transcripts, go to www.diplomasender.comFor high school transcripts, call Cindy Sarquiz at (269) 337-0100



Kalamazoo Adult Education Mission Statement:

This mission of the Kalamazoo Adult Education Program, the reflection of a diverse community of international learners, is to ensure that all students attain the highest level of academic achievement as contributing members of society through the delivery of personalized instruction by a flexible, exemplary staff utilizing a relevant curriculum leading to a quality with equity, measurable education in a positive, inviting environment with the support of vital community resources.


About the Adult Education Program:

The Community Education Center, known to all as "Old Central," is the home of Kalamazoo Adult Education. The citizens of Kalamazoo have been able to attend classes here for more than 100 years. During the late 1800s, evening classes were started in the areas of business, home economics, citizenship, and English for immigrants. Over the years, the program has changed and grown with the needs of our community. This program has established itself as a quality program designed to meet the unique needs of the adult learners in the  region. The program has served up to 1000 students and awarded up to 150 General Education Development (GED) certificates. All services and classes are free for students who do not have high school diplomas and who are at least 18 years old by July 1st of the academic year.  


GED Youth Program:

KAE is now providing GED instruction for youth that are at least 16 years old and up to 18 years old by July 1 of the academic year. GED instruction is open to students who have been dropped from their home high schools and have KPS administration's permission to attend. These courses are offered in partnership with Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.).  For more information, please call the program at (269) 349-9676.




Kim Bell, Adult Education Leader

Mary Thomas, Administative Assistant

For more information please email or call the Adult Education office at (269) 337-0422.

GED Tests and Transcripts:

For GED Test Scheduling and GED Transcript requests, please go to

High School Diploma Transcripts:

For copies of Kalamazoo Public Schools high school diplomas, please contact KPS Student Services at (269) 337-0161 or email Cindy Sarquiz.

Office Hours: 

Hours vary depending on semester dates.

Regular semester hours are:

8 a.m. - 4 p.m.  —  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  — Friday

5:30 - 8:25 p.m. — Monday and Wednesday